During our initial consultation we listen for what you would like to accomplish with your space and offer suggestions that will help you achieve your goals. Your final deliverable is a concept and design schematic drawing or perspective rendering that fits your needs and meets your budget. In addition, we can provide a detailed program summary and step-by step-outline of architectural and engineering criteria for your new project. Our conceptual plans and spreadsheets give you exactly what you need to take to the lender in order for them to establish an accurate appraisal and escrow account for renovation.


Before you start a new project, whether it is new construction on an vacant site, or a renovation of an existing building, especially if a project will be constructed in phases, a solid master plan is critical to your success.

Our Team at V V Associates is exceptionally skilled at looking at a project as a whole, from many vantage points. Master planning must be both visionary and practical to achieve full development potential. To meet our clients’ objectives, we combine analysis of the policy, planning and physical issues with a practical understanding of financial, cost and phasing implications

Our master plans are shaped by the specific needs of the individual parks and campuses: industrial, office, Institutional, suburban, rural, mixed-use or professional business campus. Each plan is a unique response to the physical constraints and terrain, anticipated uses, anticipated growth (both company types and sizes as well as population and funding), and the surrounding neighbourhood.


Our traditional, full-scope architectural services include everything you need to make your vision a reality, from the initial programming and budgetary phases to schematic and design developments, legal construction documents, bidding and negotiation with contractors, and finally construction administration through project completion. This includes “all of the above” consultations, design services and revisions, drawings and renderings, licensing and municipality permitting, and required inspections and sign-offs. We bring not just an artistic vision but legal professional knowledge of both state and municipality code requirements. For our clients’ convenience we also offer project management services, so you are dealing with one contact from start to finish.


Our 36 years hold in the industry has made us a fore runner in the GHMC/HMDA and other statutory approvals. We know that most clients get stuck with wrong guidance related to approvals, FSI, deviations and penalties. We give the real picture regarding the norms, assist you through the process and get all the sanctions/clearances done.


It is often helpful to have a visual representation of the project you are considering before contracting for technical diagrams or construction. Our photo-realistic, 3-dimensional color renderings will show you a viable concept and aesthetic, capturing proportion, scale and finishes of the proposed design in its surrounding environment. Your 3-D color rendering will give you visualization of what your space will look like in advance of making a significant investment. This service can be performed remotely for our out-of-state and international clients.


Our structural engineers look beyond the obvious to explore alternatives in search of the approach best suited to each project. Our solution-focused design approach uses sophisticated methods to conceptualize, model and deliver integrated designs that benefit all project stakeholders.

VV Associates undertakes conceptual, preliminary, and detailed design projects in the areas of structural engineering design and analysis. we have the extensive domain experience, knowledge of industry standards, and well-trained engineers who understand Structural Engineering Services and are innovative in their solutions. While endeavouring to maintain international standards in quality, our engineering team strives to reduce product design cycle time while ensuring cost effectiveness.


Often it is easier and more efficient to deal with a single point of contact throughout every phase of the project. This eliminates the disconnect that occurs when there are separate design, architectural and construction entities involved. We are licensed and insured as a contractor and project manager. With this hassle-free service, you can leave the vetting and hiring of subcontractors to us. We work with all parties—engineers, architects, builders, co-op/condo boards, and managing agents—to create a realistic timeline, ensure compliance with bylaws and terms of occupancy, and deal with any surprises that may arise during demolition.


There is a fine line between where building architecture stops and interior design begins. VV Associates makes sure they go hand-in-hand for consistent style. With a thoroughly catalogued interior design library in our office and interior design specialists on staff, we have the resources to provide you with the unique hardware, furnishings, finishes and décor that complement your design theme and honor the architecture which surrounds it. You may contract with us for either full-scope architecture and interior design or choose individual and select services.